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Hotels and motels are both paid lodging but, there are a few differnces. A hotel, meaning establishment for paid lodging on a short-term basis, is usually higher in fees. Luxuries offered such as restaurants, whirlpools and gyms can account for the price difference. The hotel buildings in Wwxxconm. usually have multiple stories with rooms facing the interior of the building. A motel, meaning motor hotel, is generally cheaper for motorists on long trips. Because the motels are made for motorists, usually staying one night, there is a direct access to the car from the occupant's room. They are also located conveniently close to major roads and intersections. You will find a bed and sometimes a pool, but the motels lack ammenities and food. There is an deliberate separation between the two, but both will provide you a bed from home.

Get the best value from your stay in a hotel in Wwxxconm. by making sure you understand all the services they provide. Many offer courtesy pick-up and drop-off at the nearest airport which can save you a small fortune in taxi costs. Ask about their breakfast service, many accommodations now offer great self-service breakfasts with healthy selections suitable for all diets. Be clear about their internet service, some are free and some are quite expensive. Make sure you comprehend the check-out rules and don't be afraid to ask for a late check out. Most places want you out of the room by 10 or 11 am, but many will allow you to be there until 1pm. It might be worth it to you to pay a half day room rate so you and be a tourist for the day shower and dress for dinner and then check out.

Do you want to get a good rate at a hotel in Wwxxconm.? Everybody wants to save as much funds as they can while traveling. Saving money on lodging can help. The place to start is to plan your holiday during an off season. Prices will go down and you will enjoy all the savings. You can ask for a better rate when you book the room. It is not wrong to try and bargain with the person who is quoting the price of the room. You may have to speak to the manager. If they won't drop the price of the room, then ask for an upgrade. Many times they will do that if the motel is not full. Often hotels give discounts to clubs or organizations. A teacher's union or a retirement group might be the ticket for a few dollars off of the price. It never hurts to ask and you won't know the answer until you do. Saving money is always worth the effort.

Are you going away for a couple of days to Wwxxconm. and need a motel room? It can be a fantastic way to relax and enjoy a number of days away from the duties of your home. If you have a toddler, you will want to find out a little about the hotel you are going to be staying in. Do they have free cribs or baby beds available? Many times there in an extra one time charge. Ask for one as soon as you arrive because they are on a first come first serve basis. They will deliver it up to your room. A hotel with room service could be helpful to you. Dining in the room with the baby for some of your meals could be just the answer. Because of baby's schedule it might be easier to enjoy a breakfast or two in the room. If you need extra milk or cereal in the late evening, they can send it right up. No need to send hubby across town. With some advance planning, traveling with a baby can be easy and fun.

A motel room is a big part of your travel plans to Wwxxconm.. Sometimes it is worth the funds to splurge on a nicer room. If you are going with your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend then you might want a few extras. A lot of hotels offer whirlpool suites. They are a nice way to unwind and relax without even leaving your room. You can also get rooms with mini refrigerators and kitchenettes. Many good hotels also offer room service or quality restaurants inside of the hotel. Balconies are nice too. If you get a top floor room,then it could romantic watching the stars from your private balcony at night. You might want to stay in a hotel that has a big pool or fitness room too. Choose a comfortable and safe hotel that fits your needs and buget.

Whether or not to tip and how much to tip can can be a source of anxiety for many vacationers in Wwxxconm.. The first consideration should be the scale of the inn. No tipping is required or suggested at the standard motel. However, when staying at a hotel that offers luxury services, the following tipping guidelines should be thoughtful: 1. Tip the valet $2-$5 2. Tip the bellman $2-$5 per bag 3. Tip the housekeepers $1-$3 per day 4. Tip 15% for room service 5. Tip the server 20% for dinner and alcohol in the hotel's restaurant 6. Tip the wine master 20% for wine 7. Tip the concierge $5-$10 when services are provided 8. Tip the driver $2-$5 per one way trip for the hotel's shuttle service Normally, front desk staff does not get tipped unless they have provided outstanding service. In this case consider 3%-5% of your total hotel bill.