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Making a inn reservation in Discount Clearwater Beach Hotels is easier than ever before. In today's tech age finding accommodation is as easy as pressing a button. Gone are the days of endless high cost telephone calls to research if a vacancy is available when you need it and spending forever speaking with a person giving your details. Internet booking sites have not only streamlined the whole reservation process, but have made booking faster and easier than ever before. Another advantage of this web based phenomenon is the ability to be able to shop around. With the abundance of internet sites boasting hotel reservations it is easy to get a very attractive rate and compare locations and cost from your own living room chair. The intrepid traveler should be wary though, be sure to check the terms of the booking, so there are no extra surprises on check in.

Today there are lots of hotel chains in Discount Clearwater Beach Hotels that claim they are giving you good nightly rates. One hotel that can make that claim and be telling the truth is a Value Inn. These hotel chains are the quickest in the country going from two properties in 2000 to 950 locations today. The hotel chain provides ease, great quality and rates that are some of the best in the country. Most hotels are AAA approved. Value inns are staffed with friendly people that take pride in their work. They keep the rooms clean and make sure it is ready for your night or weekend stay. Most of the hotels offer a continental breakfast so you can get the most out of your stay. To give you more bang for your dollar the hotels have free high speed internet and HBO. A Value Inn is a member of the Vantage Hospitality group and has been awarded the fastest growing hotel chain four of the last nine years.

Hotels in Discount Clearwater Beach Hotels often come with a number of amenities that are often dependent on the fee you want to pay. The more expensive the motel, the more amenities you shall have. Even the most inexpensive hotel however has some of the basic amenities such as cable tv or a continental breakfast which includes boxes of cereal, bagels, toast, coffee, juice, milk, and donuts. Some will have a pool available in the warmer months, or offer high speed internet. The more expensive hotels are more like a mini city however, with a gift shop, spa, night club, restaurant, room service, wet bar, a stocked refrigerator full of soda, cookies, chips and more. No matter what you are looking for; something lavish or just a comfortable bed to sleep in, you can often find what you want online.

Whether or not to tip and how much to tip can can be a source of anxiety for many guests in Discount Clearwater Beach Hotels. The first consideration should be the scale of the motel. No tipping is required or suggested at the standard motel. However, when staying at a hotel that offers luxury services, the following tipping guidelines should be followed: 1. Tip the valet $2-$5 2. Tip the bellman $2-$5 per bag 3. Tip the housekeepers $1-$3 per day 4. Tip 15% for room service 5. Tip the server 20% for dinner and alcohol in the hotel's restaurant 6. Tip the wine master 20% for wine 7. Tip the concierge $5-$10 when services are provided 8. Tip the driver $2-$5 per one way trip for the hotel's shuttle service Usually, front desk staff does not get tipped unless they have provided outstanding service. In this case consider 3%-5% of your total hotel bill.