Customer Loyalty Cards are Really Worth the Effort

Whether you are a frequent traveler or someone who just goes on the occasional business trip or family vacation you may be surprised of the benefits that can await you when you sign up for a hotel’s customer loyalty program.  Many people assume that these cards only serve a benefit when they are used by frequent travelers but actually they can serve a benefit to you even if you never gather up enough points to get a free nights stay.

One of the biggest ways that these cards truly benefit customers is simply because the company will want to entice you to stay with them over other companies and therefore they will actually wind up bombarding you with e-mails and snail mail full of offers, deals, discounts, and coupon codes.  And even if you don’t respond right away rest assured that they won’t stop sending you deals and this can help you pick up a discount vacation or stay when it best suits you.

Customer Loyalty Card

There are actually other ways in which customer loyalty cards can really work to benefit travelers and another important benefit of being part of a customer loyalty program is that the hotel will treat you as a preferred customer offering you extras and perks that they don’t offer to their other customers.  For instance many companies will allow those who hold loyalty cards to check in early, stay for a late checkout, and in some cases receive extra services such as room service at a discount.  All of these extras can add up nicely to someone who is on an extended holiday or need flexibility while traveling.


Of course, even those who don’t ever manage to rack up enough points for a free stay can very often get enough points to get some sort of freebies from the hotel chain or chains of their choice.  It is important to remember to sign up for the loyalty program everywhere that you stay because you never know for sure which hotels or chains will become your preferred and you want to make sure that you get all the benefits you can from each and every dollar you spend while on holiday.  So take that extra minute or two to fill out the paperwork and you will likely find that you begin reaping rewards from the moment you sign up.

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