Getting To Stay At The Best Places For Less

Perhaps you are a person who only travels once or twice a year for travel and you are thinking that there is no need to get those frequent customer travel cards because you won’t get much of a benefit for them. Well you might be surprised to learn that there are many benefits that these cards the hotels, airlines, and rental car companies offer you that you may just want to sign on for.

Most people just think that if they stay a lot at a particular hotel chain or if they make a certain number of flights on particular airline then they will eventually be eligible for a free stay or a free flight. While this is an incentive that does cause most people to sign up these frequent customer cards usually come with quite a few perks above and beyond this and some come in the form of extra priveleges for starters.

If you carry a card for a particular hotel chain for instance you can very often get early check in and late check out, actually by quite a few hours. Some chains also offer a free turn down service for their “regulars” and a number of them will offer a complimentary breakfast coupon for those who are card holders. Airlines many times will offer their frequent flyers a free upgrade to first class or a free baggage ticket and even the car rental companies will offer a discount off of some of the extras or even a few extra miles free.

There are also other benefits to giving these companies all of your contact information and that is that they will contact you regularly with specials, coupons, and discount codes. So when you are planning a holiday you will likely be able to pick up a deal with one of the companies that you are a card holder for.

Frequent customer rewards cards are beneficial for everyone to have. Sign up for as many as you can and then keep them in a file for use later. You will likely find that when you are traveling you get a few perks and while you may never reach the free vehicle rental, flight, or hotel stay you can get a few extras and perhaps even save a few dollars and well that makes it worth your while to take the five minutes to sign up.

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